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Bringing HOPE to the hopeless.

Last week our board approved a new mission statement for Mid-Valley Youth for Christ: “Bringing HOPE to the hopeless”. 

What does this mean?  It means we want to offer meaningful HELPFUL service to facility staff, administrators, and incarcerated youth.  In a spirit of humble OBEDIENCE, we want our actions to be informed by scripture, directed by the Holy Spirit, fueled by our calling, and consistent with MvYFC board and national expectations.  We want to build vibrant, relevant, and deep PURPOSEFUL relationships with like-minded churches, community agencies, volunteers, donors, and relational/national colleagues.  And we want to create meaningful/realistic goals, being EFFECTIVE stewards by building a healthy organizational system, design appropriate funding models, pursue generous partners, and function with transparency and accountability. 

By focusing on these values, we know as we interact with youth, more will be meaningfully introduced to God’s kingdom. 

As Brenda shared in last month’s letter, we are in the stage of planning and dreaming.  And next month we will be taking those plans and dreams to God by spending time in prayer, and listening to Him through discipline of silence exercises, bible readings, and journaling. Although we feel a new boldness coming over us, we want to make sure that we are listening well and obediently.

I can’t wait to share more with you as we go. 

God is good and He is moving!



Brenda and I are headed to Colorado to join other YFC Executive Leaders across the country for our annual XL Summit.  A time of worshiping, learning and growing together to go back to our communities to show these youth that they matter and are loved.  I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that understands what it means to come together as a body of Christ with the same mission to reach youth everywhere.

If you’re able and interested in helping financially we could use a little extra boost this month.  It’s costing us extra to participate and your contribution would help balance our February expenses from the general fund.  Click the GIVE button above to donate online and write XL Summit in the comment line.

P.S. Click the box above to give and partner with us in 2022.

Jennifer Berg

Jennifer Berg

Executive Director


Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

Mid-Valley Youth for Christ
Juvenile Justice Ministry

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